‘The Walking Dead’: Show Makers Confirms News, The Ending Might Differ In Show Compared To Comic


In the lane of real life and fictional drama walking dead  is an odd bird and everyone is talking about how this is going to end. The feeling is mutual that  the show is not going to end as the comic did.

“THE WALKING DEAD” is a series of infinite possibilities anything can happen in the end. the finale of season 6 gave us a really big hint by the arrival of Negan (walking dead’s  greatest villain ) throughout this season of really gross deaths there is a big surprise coming up for us . On the show geeking out with kevin smith the creator of comic series “walking dead” Robert kirkman said he knows how the comic ends but he will not let the show revels the ending first.

the-walking-dead-3If the show were ever to end ever at any point and the comic is still going on then he would have to sit down with  showrunner scott gimple  and pretend I have no idea how to end it , and then work  him to try and come up with a new ending “ by this statement you definitely had put out minds on working and thinking about the twist coming up.

Recently kirkman criticized “GAME OF THRONES”  author  George RR martin  for revealing the ending to the producers , his point of view is certainly really clear to us that his is going to be suspense all through the series  . wondering who is going to die now is the only thought which travels in minds of” THE WALKING DEAD”: fans.

the-walking-dead-2A really satisfying  news been given by  Joal stillerman  that the show will continue as long as the comic has a strong story-line , how long? No one knows . At least we know now that the show is going to infect or minds for a little more while longer , as even kirkman said “ we’re along for the ride “

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