The Winds Of Winter: Season 6 Episode 10 “Game Of Thrones” {Last Episode}


The Game of Thrones is just going far beyond the imagination and is get so much love from the audience and what can be expected more than just an amazing another episode of this about the end season and the guys will surely go crazy over waiting for the upcoming season just like they used to do every time.

Moreover, the Winds of Winter broke with the show’s tradition of relatively low-key sign-offs. This was a masterclass in shock and awe with an impressive body count and a genuinely unsettling takeaway image of Queen the First, perched on the throne and looking freaky than the Mad King after a weekend. That single shot was so amzing you were almost persuaded to overlook undeniable flaws as the show took its leave for the year the finger snapped death and the predictable final close-up of Daenerys and her dragons on the route to Westeros. Here was a finale that felt like a sloughing off of the skin. A terrible beauty was born, and Cersei Lannister was the midwife.


Tommen’s suicide, Jaime’s exile, her humiliations at the hands of the High Sparrow as Qyburn set the crown on her head and her eyes glittered, triumphant but soulless, we were asked to consider that perhaps this was exactly as she had planned all along. Game of Thrones properly tweaked our noses by going a considerable distance towards solving the mystery of Jon Snow’s parentage while stopping short of providing the full facts. , her final act was to entrust to Ned the care of her newborn baby – the future Jon Snow. Lyanna appeared to whisper the truth to Ned but the audience was not allowed eavesdrop. In a way, this came almost as a relief.

It was a little far-fetched that Cersei could topple the Sparrow with the assistance of a Qyburn’s band of feral orphans. Implausibility aside, though, Operation Destroy Everything was a thrilling beginning to the finale. One by one, Cersei’s enemies were cut down by smudged urchins in a sequence that played out like a grand guignol Oliver Twist – and which served as delicious preliminary to the fireworks to follow.

That the People v Cersei Lannister would conclude with an all-consuming wildfire blast had been suspected for weeks. But goodness it was fun to see the show’s Queen Nasty have a boom with a view moment as she observed the Great Sept blasted into the troposphere.  throughly  Lannister noblewoman that we’ve ended up pitying her despite ourselves. Suddenly, however, she was restored to full villain status and it was difficult to know how to feel.

Ser Davos as he at last confronted Melisandre over Shireen’s unfortunate encounter with a sacrificial pyre last season. Watching in slowly dawning horror was Jon Snow – required to feel complicit in the obscure sorcery that cost Shireen her life and gave Jon back his.

felt like another pointed commentary on his callowness as a leader. He had not dispensed the justice Ser Davos felt the Red Woman deserved while also depriving himself of her expertise in the looming fight against the White Walkers.

Already well aware of his failings are Sansa and Little-finger. During his creepy uncle routine in the Gods-wood Lord Baelish planted the seed of a very dangerous idea in the Stark princess’s head: that she would be better off as Littlefinger’s queen than her half-brother’s loyal follower. On the face of it, she is unlikely to betray Jon.

The southern kingdom is where Game of Thrones’s dignity went to die last year. This was brisk storytelling, moving us quickly on from the shock of Cersei’s Angry birds destruction derby at King’s Landing. The best finales look forward as well as back – here were early glimmerings of machinations to come.

And so say all of us as the Mother of Dragons finally she prepared to leave Slavers’s Bay and wage war on Westeros. Daenerys, it has been suggested lately,  She was tentative and fretful – grateful for Tyrion’s advice and appreciative of his belief in her.

Revenge is a dish best served with a nice crust topping. So we discovered as Arya put her training at the House of Black and White to novel use, feeding Walder Frey his dead sons as a pie-based treats, then taking her time slashing his throat.

The scene was perfect in its amazingness. Just as significantly, Arya was at last back influencing the plot in a meaningful way.

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