Things You Should Know About Creepy Clowns Terrorizing Incidents Of United States


More than ten states of United States reported the clown haunting and reports are still coming. We just knew that this creepy clown was targeting children but now adults are also under their target range.

Last Friday, some schools in Cincinnati, Ohio were closed after a statement of a woman that she was being attacked by a male dressed as a clown.


Now a question arises whether is topic of creepy clown epidemic is a serious one or just a sick joke? Police are investigating the matter and have also made some arrests from Carolina to Georgia. As reports are coming back to back thus it looks like the frame of the creepy clown is full of reality. Last week In Pennsylvania students of York College reported seeing some people dressed as clowns, both on campus and out of it. Given below are the complete bifurcation of reports done by people for these clowns.

Wisconsin: There are some reports from different regions of U.S. like on 1 August 2016 reports of Gags – The Green Bay Clown was distributed among Wisconsin residents. But after that the man who set up the Facebook account which fueled the conversation about Gags Sightings came in front and commented that it was all just a part of an independent horror film coming out this Halloween.

South Carolina: After that in Mid-August clowns terrorising reports started coming from South Carolina. One woman reported of seeing a white man with clown-like facial makeup standing out the laundromat. The women added when she moved out he stared at her but didn’t talk to her.

North Carolina: In the beginning of September i.e. on 4 September children reported a clown was trying to entice them into the woods in a Winston-Salem neighbourhood. The two kids reveal the looks of the clown with white overalls with white gloves, red shoes along with red bushy hair, a white face and a red nose. Children reported that he lure them for treats to come into the woods. Also, Police said that an adult heard the man but he didn’t saw him.

Georgia: LaGrange Police in Georgia said several calls about clowns has been received by them stated that a clown is trying to make children come in wooded areas. Also on September 14, police arrested two people making a false call on 911 and allegedly making a false claim that a clown is trying to entice or lure children to get into a van.

Georgia was the most reported place for this as on September 20, a Facebook page was created which has been taken down now. The page was fueling fear in Georgia. The page was pushing fear that clown will come in local elementary, middle and high schools to abduct children.

Alabama: A 10-year-old found responsible for making clown threats and was arrested by police on September 21. And also Police is looking for the person who created that Facebook page to push the threatening environment of Creep Clowns.

Mississippi: On September 21, a clown call was made and it came out to be true. Police Chief Kenneth Hampton said he saw someone wearing a mask, a multi-coloured wig at around 11:00 PM. He also added that the man who was dressed as clown ran away after looking the patrol vehicle.

Maryland: On September 25, two clown calls came which reported seeing three clowns hiding behind the bushes and jumping out to scare people. Later after investigation officers didn’t found any clue about clowns.

Virginia: A 16-year-old was prohibited from wearing a mask, hood or other devices to cover his identity. The violation of this code is a Class 6 felony which will lead to one to five years of imprisonment as a punishment or can be charged not more than $2500 or can be both.

Florida: On September 28, a woman claims that she was walking her dog and saw a person wearing the costume of a clown and emerged from behind a tree in Indian River Country, Fla. The lady also stated the appearance of the clown. She said he was having red hairs and was wearing a mask. After that, a man called the police and said his child and other classmates were chased by a clown when they went off the bus in the Vero Lake Estates area.

Many reports came after that and police arranged an alert to the surrounding agencies and also investigated the wooded areas and railroad tracks near U.S.1. But the clowns were not located.

Pennsylvania: According to Pennlive, the most horrific clown report was of a 10-grader who was fatally stabbed after a fight with a person wearing a clown mask.

Also in the current week, some York College students reported seeing some people dressed as clown inside the campus and out of the campus. One more terrific clown report was there in which one saw a car full of clowns and possibly that could be less with weapons. But for that also officials didn’t found any clue.

Ohio: A juvenile was arrested on September 29 by police for having connections with clown threats to harm students at Colerain High School.

Reading schools are closed after having a report of a woman that she was attacked by a male looking like a clown.

One more report was there which was of September 27 in which a woman called Police and said she saw someone dressed as a clown holding a large kitchen knife. Police talked to the witness and he explained that he saw two male there one was dressed as gold with balloon and another one was dressed black.

Tennessee: There was an open incident in which a Memphis bank was robbed on September 28 by one man wearing a clown mask. They were two and both ran away through a block sedan.

Missouri: In the last week a report emerged from a high school near Ozarks seeing clown according to KSPR ABC 33 reports.

After that, a Facebook post which was threatening to kidnap students and to kill teachers made several schools go locked on September 30, according to ABC 17 News KMIZ.

Colorado: On September 28, Fort Collins Police Services and Poudre School District were notified with a threatening Facebook message. The message was from a page which has been deleted now and the page was with a clown pic as a profile picture. The Fort Police are still investigating the matter.

Oregon: A women on September 30 claimed to see a man wearing silver clown mask when she was in Portland. She said the clown man was banging on her driver-side window at an intersection.

More news will get updates as soon as it will go live. Stay tuned with us.

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