Third Variant Of Apple iPhone 7 To Be Launch In 2016 Features Specification

Apple iPhone 7

Apple the world leading brand in the latest technology and the world of the smartphones and here Apple comes with their new and the brand new iphone 7. Apple didn’t announced the actual date of the official release of iphone 7 but they had said that the new and the brand new iphone 7 will be in the world soon in the year 2016 only. iphone 7 will going to be more awesome and give a great experience. As Apple always satisfy their customer by their amazing technology and by the great features as well. Apple is always in the rumors for their phones and their fabulous performance and that’s why they called as the world’s leading brand for the phones.

Apple iPhone 7

It is got to hear about iphone 7 that its specifications will be upgrade and the performance as well. The gossips for the iphone 7 had started from the chinese website named as weibo and they had revealed the pictures and the related specifications of the brand new iphone 7. Weibo had said that iphone 7 will comes up with three different varients and they had showed up the names and the related pictures of the iphone 7 as well. It is said by the tech giant report that Apple will going to launch their three variants this year continuously and which will definitly gonna hit the smartphone markets.

There is iphone 7 and the next one is iphone 7 Plus and the most of the amazing one is iphone 7 pro and it is the new one. More of the Apple user are waiting to see the iphone 7 Pro that what’s new in that.

As per the spokeperson from Apple it is said that the new smartphone will comes up with the more options to get a more internal storage. More of the gadget gurus had said that iphone 7 will drop the headphone jack and it will gonna be more thin. The charging point of the iphone 7 will use the USB Type-C.

The camera of the latest iphone 7 will be more awesome as per the sources had said that it will be of 21 megapixel for a good quality picture and for a better experience. Apple’s camera is just amazing as we compare to the more of the smartphones in the market and it has been proved that no one can beat Apple’s camera quality. And here now its just increased to 21MP which is for the first time in any of the Apple’s phone. The design of iphone 7 is quite similar to the iphone 6 and 6s models. Here we have the guesses that iphone 7 will going to be deliver in the September 2016 but Apple has not approved any of the related reports.

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