This U.S. Online Retailer Seeking 20 Jets for Overnight Deliveries


Online retailer Amazon is planning to lease 20 Boeing 767 freighter jets, Bloomberg reported, citing an unnamed person familiar with the matter.

Managing its own planes would allow Amazon to improve its delivery services and cut operational costs.

On Thursday, the Seattle Times reported that the company is testing its own service on a limited basis, and is likely to make a final decision about the service early next year.

Currently, majority of the company’s orders are shipped by FedEx and UPS.

Amazon seems to focusing on improving shipment and delivery infrastructure.

As we reported previously, Amazon bought thousands of trailers to improve its shipping capacity, and the company will use these trailers to transport goods between its warehouses, known as a fulfillment center, as well as to sort centers, where orders are organized by zip code to be shipped to local post offices.

Recently, Amazon released new images and videos of the prototype of drones that the online store wants to use for fastest packages delivery. The drones, weighing 55 pounds, will deliver packages within 30 minutes and will carry packages of up to 5 pounds. They will have ability to fly under 400 feet and use “sense and avoid” technology to operate beyond the line of sight to distances of 10 miles or more. According to o Amazon, the company has “more than a dozen prototypes.”

Source: Bloomberg

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