Who Took Shakespeare’s Skull From His Grave?

Shakespeare's Skull

Archeologists from Staffordshire University have discovered that William Shakespeare’s skull is missing from his grave at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, as per a report dated March 24. 2016.

They used a ground penetrating radar for exploring the grave, and they claimed of finding an odd disturbance at the head end.

This team which was lead by Kevin Colls, an archeologist started the work of sifting through this grave to find evidence that shows his entire body might have buried somewhere else.

However, since this search didn’t yield any results, Colls opted for radar imaging. Initially, Holy Trinity Church resisted the use of imaging, but later after approval, the work started in the year 2015, bouncing the waves beneath the grave for producing a topographical image.

Since the researchers weren’t sure about this abnormal thing, they performed the imaging on other graves as well on the same site.

The grave’s bottom half looked similar to others, complete with air pockets, but the top half was completely different. Researchers could clearly make out that the contents of the grave were removed and put back in place.

The results of this research would be broadcast in a documentary co-produced with BBC over this weekend. However, the question is who stole his skull.

The researchers guess that in the late 1800s, a magazine article that detailed a grave robbery by Frank Chambers in 1794 might have a link to this.

The names of his accomplices were researched, and everything seemed right. Colls stated that if this grave-robbing incident is a made up story, then it is accurate in all ways.

Why would a doctor want a skull of a genius? Well, in the late 1700s, there was a rise of phrenology, a pseudoscientific quest for intelligence clues in the shape and size of the heads of people.

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