Top 10 Funny Trolls Memes Over Indian Currency Change, Rs. 500 & 1000 Note Banned Jokes


The one of a sudden and most shocking statement and the announcement of the demonetization of the currency notes of 500 and 1000 from the Indian market seem to be getting on another level of trolling as people have begun their sharp and crazy minds to make amazing jokes and memes out of this matter.

The latest confirmation of cancellation of the currency notes of 500 and 1000, which is being made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself was quite a shock to all those people who were having the black money in any form. While the other possible effects which will take effect, will be on the fake currency suppliers and corrupt peoples.
The all of a sudden decision has been taken after a whole planning and measurements being made by the Government to not let the situations go out of the hands. As the sudden decision of taking all the money from the market can seriously affect the people residing in the market with these notes.




While new currency notes which are made in the form of 500 and 2000 will going to take place from 10th Of November and will be made available in all the banks and post offices to get exchanged from residing notes in the market.

This whole scenario has serious effects all the people and while some major politicians and celebrities are praising this decision, some are getting totally mad over it and are showing their worse side to the people.



The sudden declaration of the demonetization of the currency is going to handle properly as there are certain arrangements being made by the government of the change of currency from all the Banks will going to take place in the two days. While all the people can change their money from their banks where they have an account.

So guys don’t miss the social media platforms as you can see a lot of memes, jokes, and trolls which have taken down the whole internet with jokes on this matter.

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