TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Thapki Records Minister’s Video

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see thapki goes for interview hoping all the best. She reaches to minister and he greets her and makes her sit. He says that he believe man and woman are equal, if she can touch his feet than why cant he. He says that he touches his wife’s feet every morning as she is his strength. Then he gets a call and asks his wife to bring snacks. He returns and says he will have to go as PM has called him for meeting so this interview will be held tomorrow. She says sure and he leaves asking her to have snacks and to greet balwinder in his behalf. Then thapki sees his wife has marks on her hand and she leaves doubting on him.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Thapki comes home and bihaan and bauji asks her about interview and she says that it couldn’t happen as he had to go somewhwre so he called her tomorrow. Then kosi says its kalyug where man manages home and women go out for work, if snakara does this she will cut her hair and make her sit at home, then vasu asks her to do this drama at their home as they are going to their vilaage soon. All family members do pooja for peace and purity of the house and naman disturbs them playing music, and kosi dances. And she makes sankar dance too then vasu comes and throw glass pieces on the floor.

Sankara gets hurt by that but she doesn’t stop. Then thapki comes and asks vasu to stop it but kosi says she wont stop and thapki says she wont let happen injustice with sankar as she is also a human. Kosi asks vasu that is she step mother of bihaan or what why she got him married with stammering girl. Then bihaan shouts on her saying that he will forget his limit if she says something about vasu and thapki. Then thapki does wound on sankara and she asks about her stammering prblma and she tells about it. Then thapki asks why she bear kosi’s anger and she says that she has heart like coconut she loves her a lot.

There vasu tries to convince kosi to go from there and she denies and goes. She asks naman to find the lock of any small key when they will be busy. They all prepare to celebrate janamshtmi in next morning with planning  a play. When kosi and naman are arguing with family thapki goes to kosi’s room and find some papers from trunk and keys also and she leaves before kosi come as she gets bihaan’s msg. There thapkmi gives papers to him and asks to do work fats. There kosi and naman finds many things from old trunk in store room and shradha follows them. Shradha sees locket in their hands. They keep it back and leave.

We will see now thapki gets shocked seeing minister hurting his wife and he sees her….

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