(TPK) Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Bihaan Knows About His Real Mother

Thapki Pyaar Ki

In the last episode Thapki was leaving for interview and Bihaan asked her not to worry. Thapki said to Bihaan that he is very nice and she wish every girl gets husband like him. Bihaan asked her that why she going two hours ago. Thapki said that she have a work. Bihaan wished her all the best. Thapki reached minister’s house. She said that if cameraman didn’t come then she will herself record it. She went inside the house. Thapki got shocked seeing minister was scolding his daughter and wife. He was beat his wife. He saw Thapki at the door. Minister said her that she came till here. Minister checked the camcorder and didn’t get anything.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Minister asked Thapki that did she saw anything. Thapki saw his wife hurt and asked minister that how can he do this with his wife. Minister asked her not to interfere in his family matter. Dadi and Bau ji compliment Vasundhara and Bihaan. Bihaan touched Vasundhara’s feet. Vasundhara said him that he is their Kanha. Bihaan asked her to become his Devki mother also in next birth. Bau Ji asked Vasundhara to forget Kosi as no one will come there. Kosi, Sankara and Naman heared them. Kosi said that the truth will be out today. Thapki said that minister’s truth recorded in chip and his truth will be out. Radheshyam’s wife took chip and said her don’t do this as she don’t know her husband and don’t rist her and her daughter’s life.

Thapki said to minister’s wife that its wrong to bear wrong. Minister’s wife said that she saw his devil avatar when she raised voice. Thapki gave both chips to her and asked her to take decision. Thapki asked her to decide and call her. Thapki got locket in her purse. She tried to open it and saw a keyhole. Thapki got shocked saw the locket’s inside. Thapki came home and saw Vasundhara.

Thapki gave locket to Vasundhara and she saw the pics. Thapki asked her that is this the same right for which kosi came their house.

In today’s episode Bihaan says to Kosi that he did mistake and now he will kick her out of the house. Vasundhara stops his and says Kosi saying truth as Kosi is his real mother.

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