TRAI Finally Getting Involved In Spat Between Reliance Jio and Other Telecom Companies

TRAI in Telecom Spat

RS Sharma, chairman of TRAI, after so much fuss was created between RJio and other telecom companies, has stated that TRAI will soon take action against incumbents and Reliance Jio for their quality of service being low and below the regulatory limit.

While Bharti Airtel was under the radar after Reliance Jio accused Airtel of their call dropping. Now as Airtel has also suffered a massive loss due to the launch of Reliance Jio, since then TRAI is also eyeballing every activity of theirs and hence, Jio could also face serious liability if found doing malicious practices. Where on one hand Reliance Jio was gloating about them reaching 52 crore calls since their launch, TRAi has asked them to present all of their call details between 15-19 September, in order to figure out the reason behind poor service.

TRAIEarlier we reported that Jio has addressed the problem of their poor service to industry body of telecom COAI, stating that incumbent networks including Airtel, Idea and Vodafone among other are to be blamed for this. RJio claims that it is because other networks are not providing them enough interconnect points.

This rivalry has been rising since Jio announced its launch date and its high time for Authorities like TRAI and COAI to intervene in this matter.

Bharti Airtel has however declined all of the allegations made by Jio and stated that they are working on increasing the interconnect points. Mr. Sharma told the reporters that this issue is of the kind which can only be solved if all the companies come together and discussed their issues, hence, the meeting has been organized.

The regulations suggest that a call failure rate of more than 0.5 percent is unacceptable. Mr. Sharma assured that TRAI will do everything to analyze the level of congestion and will resolve the issue within the deadline. Other companies also accused Jio of launching the network commercially under the cloak of test launch.

TRAI’s involvement was getting necessary in this issue as the problem was affecting lakhs of consumers per day. This is it for now, stay tuned for more updates and news.

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