Trio Of Grace, Hannah & Mamrie The Holy Trinity Has Done It Again With ‘Dirty 30’ Movie


The very famous Trio of Marmier Hart, Grace Helbig and Hanah Hart is coming back after a very long rest, as the trio is some of the very renowned and amazing trio in the industry while also being known as the Youtube’s Holy Trinity.

While they are very much famous for their habits and always having fun nature which seems quite interesting to everyone. The trip is returning on the box-office with their movie ‘Dirty 30’ which is basically a comedy drama movie and the story of the movie is about the 30th birthday which went horribly wrong and this later causes them to struck in a very big problem. The three characters if the movie basically Kate which is being done by Marie who is about to turns 30 is a very simple and boring girl who works her days at a middling job and seriously lacks a lover with whom he can date with, the other one Charlie which is being done by Hannah Hart and the last one but not the least at all, is the Evie who is portraying Grace and is married to an intolerable guy, who has a lot of in-laws and all of them seems to come out of hell alive.

dirty-30-reviewThe things got started when these trio tries to plan a party, which was advised by Kate to be simple but the party turns out to be a disaster for them and when they face the consequences of the party, they get really very embarrassed.

This is not the very first movie they have done together before this movie all the trio gets starred in ‘Camp Takota’ movie and Grace and Hannah also had done a collaboration in an action-superhero comedy ‘Electra Women and Dyna Girl’.

dirty-30-movie-review These three have come back to showcase the legacy the trio shares with each other and this will go to be a disaster for them. The trailer shows off everything which is needed for someone to knows about the movie and this will definitely go to tempt the audience and gave the movie which is giving away the Trio a very great chance to turn down all the tables for the audience.

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