Turmeric Prevents Type 2 Diabetes Say’s Indian Origin Scientist

Turmeric had been known in the household for ages and had some beneficial factors apart from being held as a major spice in food.

With the newest discovery around the block, turmeric can help prevent a case of type 2- diabetes with a combination of omega 3- fats.

Type 2- diabetes is known for its inflammation properties that reduce the secretion of the insulin and its major counterparts.

Professor Manohar Garg from the University of Newcastle’s Nutraceuticals states that they can easily stop the inflammation from within the bud with using two major bio-active compounds as Curcumin and Omega-3 fats widely available from food sources.

Turmeric Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

Curcumin is mainly derived from the Ginger family of plants and is used as a common method of food colouration.

With the decrease in an intake of turmeric within the food, individuals are following some western trends to let go of the Indian style of eating.

Due to this significant decrease of curcumin within the food, Type 2- Diabetes has come into play.

If the disease cannot be prevented, it is likely to grow in numbers in India and would soon be an Epidemic one for the country.

Garg has reported that the compounds used for the prevention of the disease is quite safe and has asked four groups of people, aged between 30 to 70 and prone to Diabetes, to conduct these tests.

The first group was given one curcumin, the second with only omega three fats and the third with a combination of both.

The fourth group is used in acting as a control group avoiding the supplies. The ratio suggests that it contains 200 mg of curcumin and one gram of Omega 3- fats.

Garg believes that after successful experiments, the medicine would be then appointed for the market and which can save a lot of lives for the years to come.

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