TV actor John Stamos arrested for DUI in Beverley Hills

Renowned television actor John Stamos has been arrested for alleged drunk driving in Beverley Hills on Friday night.

As per a news report which was published on June 13, 2015, police received numerous calls at around 07:45 PM, and when they reach the spot, they found that it is none other than John Stamos who created all the havoc.

Stamos was the only person in the vehicle, and during the time of busting, he was heavily under the influence of alcohol.

TV actor John Stamos arrested from driving under the influence of alcohol

At the initial moments, Police thought that Stamos need medical help, and they doubted that this behavior was due to a medical condition.

Later, experts in the hospital determined the presence of alcohol in his blood, and soon, he was arrested. His intoxication was corroborated there.

As per reports, he has been cited for ‘Driving Under the Influence’, and was released to the care of the hospital. The actor should appear in the Court on September 11, 2015.

Sgt. David Armour headed the team who arrested the celebrated actor.

John Stamos was shot to limelight after his role as Jesse Katsopolis on the ABC Sitcom ‘Full House’. Since 2005, John Stamos was the National Spokesperson of the much accclaimed ‘Project Cuddle’.

The actor is now busy preparing a thirteen episode reboot of ‘Full House’. The series will be produced by John Stamos, and he will also star in it. This Sitcom for Netflix is scheduled to be released next year.

The ‘Bye Birdie’ star will also appear in Fox’s family sitcom ‘Grandfathered’.

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