TV Series 24 (Twenty Four) Season 2 20th August 2016 Written Episode Updates

24 season 2

The show starts and we see the following takes place between 5-6 pm. Aditya, zakaria and prithvi talks about shivani and zakaria says that she has fallen weak to go against jail and prithvi says that they don’t doubt shivani’s talent but its sure that someone is helping jai from ATU and they have to know about him. Prithvi asks whom they will hire and he says intelligence bureu o head siddarth sehgal. Aditya says that let shivani assist siddarth and prithvi tells him that siddarth was shivani;s husband and they got divorced. Kiran calls in intelligence bearuo to talk to veer but couldn’t.

Zakaira calls shivani and tells that someone from ATU is helping jai and she asks for some time but Aditya says they haven’t time. Commissioner says to shivani that jai is helping roshan and she couldn’t do anything then Aditya says they decided till this prblm solved, siddarth will be ATU chief and she will second command and will report to jim, she agrees. Siddarth comes with jai’s son veer and greets the staff saying that he knows some of them and they have to find jai and roshan soon, its fine if they get their dead bodies.

24 season 2

Siddarth orders everyone to do their jobs to find them and asks mihir to give him all check posts. He says that he knows jai was his boss but now they should be loyal to country and agency. Sid then asks gyan to give him list of all officers trained by jai and are close to him. He says he has selected veer after checking background and he will do his job well. Mihir says to gyan that sid is so rude and tells him about his and shivani’s marriage and his baby kabir. Gyan ask him to do his job and tells zara is went hospital to vedant.

Sid turns down kabir’s photo frame. There haroon’s men tell roshan that he wants jai alive. Chang calls haroon and tells that ATU got kush. Haroon calls gyan and he doesn’t answer. mihir goes to inform sid. Sid asks someone to investigate joshi. Gyan talks to veer and he replies rudely saying that he is not weak, he is strong officer and goes. Sid says to inspector that driver has direct connections to jai and to make him speak up. Haroon talks with roshan and gets glad hearing he got freed and says that only jai will make us go out from this country and then they will kill him mercilessly.

Maya comes to haroon and he says that they will give easy death to jai as he is helping them and he is  a good person. she gets worried hearing roshan is coming with jai. There aaditya talks to sid about his plan to catch them and shivani goes to ATU for her team and they all wishes her good luck. AT 5:30 veer tells sid that kiran spoke to jai today. SId wants to meet her and she hides seeing police and veer says that he wants to go to take her here so that she will not be scared. Kiran wears doctor’s coat and gets worriesd hearing announcement in the hospital to find her. veer and raaj are on the way to come to kiran.

There maya asks for help from her fathere and says that roshan and haroon will kill jai and she loves jai a lot. Mihir finds network low and a amn asks him to use admin’s password, he will reset it. Gyan hears and takes keys to leave. Mihir enters server room and sees zara ties and unconscious and then zarra tells him that gyan is helping jai.

He calls sis and tells him then sid orders to lock down ATU and they catches gyan. 6 pm haroon ask maya to get ready and leaves to get roshan. Roshan talks to haroon’s man and takes out knife. He goes to cut jai’s finger but then jai gets consciousness and they have fight, jaI ASK FOR MOINEY AS he lost his everything in helping him.

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