{Twenty Four} 24 Season 2 13th August 2016 Full Episode Written Updates Online: Zaara Finding Jai

24 Season 2

In the last episode of This thrilling ans suspense filled episode of 24, we saw that Jai starts shooting inside the police station. He is about to run away with Roshan Sher-chand and the PM is too scared because of Haroon’s warning to him. She was talking to mrs. Saxena about all this incident, where Jai was facing problem while taking Roshan with him.

24 Season 2

Suraj tried to hang himself while Hetal suddenly wakes up and save him from dying and he blames himelf for all this incidents and wass very guilty of his doings. find the location of Chang and are ready to get the boy who is the carrier of the virus, Kiran tried to ran away from Swara’s home because his husband is trying to kill her and he did it. Then he is behind Kiran and his daughter Mili. Mrs. Singhnia comes to meet Devyani and she is quite surprised to see her there. Kiran ran away from there by using Swara’s car. Mrs. Singhania tries to manipulate the situation and says that she will forget this but Devyani must have to forget his son. Jai choses a senior police officer as his hostage to secure his run from there, but he was totally surrounded by guards and police there. Haroon was spending time with

Mrs. Singhanai orders Khosla to collect information about Dr.Devyani and he promises to fulfill it. All the police officials and RFT security are alerted about Roshan’s run away. Every senior official and minister comes to know about this and they gets seriously shocked to know about JAi’s helping Roshan run away from the jail. ATO and Ministers are now connected to each-other and are talking on this topic of Jai’s doing everything against their rules and against their will.

RAF is on the way to the station, but Jai was very stiff and is on his decision to do it at any cost and he ran away from there. Home ministery has given the orders to shoot on site without asking Malik. Malik tries to convince about the situation but they are on their decision of this order. Mili gets unconscious and Kiran was very worried because of her condition. Jai’s way is getting tougher because of Police checkposts and as he planned he changed his vehicle. The situation is becoming so much tensed and all the things are getting worser for Jai.

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