(Twenty Four) 24 Season 2 2nd October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online Video

In the last episode of Twenty Four, we had seen Raj and Jai are talking to each other about team splitting. Jai says to him that we have to be more attentive and ask them to get in the building. On the other side, Roshan is asking about Vaidehi. Kiran is coming to the location. Aditya and Prithvi then talk to each other and Prithvi leaves from there when Aditya says that he have to stay with Antara. Jai then goes to the building with the team.

24 Season 2Shivani mom calls her and Siddharth picks up the call. Siddharth lies to her mom and says that she had gone for some urgent work. Her mom then says that ask Shivani to attend Kabir’s school meeting. Kiran and Vasu search for the trackers and then gets tensed thinking on when they unable to find the real track.Vedant and Jai reach close to Roshan and then gets shocked to see Kiran there. Kiran moves on and Roshan shoots at Jai. Vedant saves him the goons starts fighting.

Jai then takes Kiran and points a gun at her head. Roshan gets shocked at this and says Jai to leave Kiran. He puts his gun down and says Jai to let Kiran go. Roshan then gives the two tubes to Jai and ask him to leave Vaidehi. Then Maddy comes there and says to Roshan that she is not your daughter. Then she shoots at Jai and Kiran and they get hurt. Roshan gets to hide and Jai calls the team to seal the building fast.  Naina goes to meet Antara and ask about her to Prithvi. The man informs her about Antara’s condition and Naina goes to make her understand.

Kiran gets treated by the doctors and Jai tells the same to Siddharth. Roshan is still in the building and the team is trying to search him. Antara is in her room and tensed for Prithvi. Naina asks her to listen for once but Antara shouts to get Prithvi first. Roshan and Maddy talks to each other and Maddy ask him that it is difficult to get escape from here easily. Boomik and Aditya talks to each other and Aditya thinks on. Jai then leaves with Kiran and ask the team to lock the building. Kiran leaves. Maya talks to Siddharth and insists him to meet Jai. Siddharth neglects and says that I can’t let you meet him.

Naina goes to Prithvi and tells him to console Antara. Prithvi goes and Antara starts crying hugging him. She then confesses that she had killed Shindey and Prithvi gets shocked at this. Roshan and Maddy talk to each other. Then Zaara gives Roshan’s location to Jai and Jai ask his team to proceed. Devyani calls Aditya and says that she is really tensed to see the whole situation. The team is just close to Roshan. Roshan gets shocked and messages Siddharth.

Siddharth gets shocked to see Kabir and Shivani’s mom get kidnapped. Roshan calls him and says that now if you want to save them stop Jai. Siddharth then asks the team to move and Roshan smiled to see the way cleared. Roshan and Maddy get escaped and Jai fumes at this. Abhishek tells him about Siddharth’s order and says Jai fumes at this. He calls Siddharth and Siddharth start making false excuses.

In today’s episode we are going to see, Vedant says to Jai that they had to get Shivani’s body. Jai then calls Mihir and ask about Siddharth. Mihir tells Jai that he is not here in ATU. Jai gets tensed and ordered him to lock up ATU. Boomik also gets infected and Kiran goes there. Her suit is broken and sees feel tensed for Veer. Now it will be interesting to see what will Jai do next. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Twenty Four like this.

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