Twenty Four (24) Season 2 8th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Roshan Shoots Down Maddy

Twenty Four (24) Season 2

The last episode of a very amazing and thrilling show which is filled with some very intense action and moments. The last episode shows that Antra was trying to convince Prithvi to let her call the police and tells them everything she knowns about Naina singhania and her deeds, Prithvi is telling her that none of the evidence will going to effect and her and will going to ruin only you, but Antra shows her the video footage of the same. Mihir gets to know about some problem about the 20 seconds footage of sattelite feed which got deleted by someone and nobody knows about the footage too.

Twenty Four (24) Season 2Antra is very much hurt because of Prithvi’s statement which she is taking wrong, while Antra was too much shocked because of the murder of Shinde. Roshan was contacting to Sehgal and he told him that everyone knows about the deleted footage and ROshan was ordering him to make Vaidahi run away from there. Antra shot herself as she was in very deep shock, While Pritvi too gets hurt from inside after watching the death of Antra.

The virus is now out and it also gets in contact to the PM. Jai got the information of Malik’s body and now Jai called Siddarth to know about the Malik’s death. Veer is affected from the virus and now he is counting his death but lies to Jai about his health, Jai ask Veer to check the IP access and tell him about the login information. Siddarh Takes out Vaidehi from the ATU office and is now on the run, Veer tells that SIddarh might be behind all this because only he has the access to the information of the sattelite. Now ATU is locked down and Vaidehi is out because of Siddarth.

Prithvi is blaming Naina Singhania for the killing and also because of her suicide which in turns out to be because of her. Bhaumika has come to meet Aditya, Jai is woorried about Siddarth. Sehgal tells everything to Vaidehi and now she knows everything about his dad, now Jai stops Siddarth and try to arrest him, but Siddarth try to convince him by tellin his situation but Jai convinces him for useing his help and catch him. Now the location where they will going to meet is changed and Jai is trying his best to not lose any point, Aditya is getting very sick and is showing the symptoms of the virus, Bhaumika comes and ask Aditya to broke up their relation and move on, while she is very much scared because of her name in connection with the Country’s PM. The PM Aditya Singhania is bleeding and is totally infected of the virus. ATO gets the dispersion devices and now they gets something more to know about this, now even the scientist who are searching for the antivirus is effected from the virus.

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