Two Virginia reporters fatally shot on live TV!

On Wednesday at 6.45 am, a reporter shot a colleague reporter and a cameraman, while they were interviewing the Roanoke’s director of the local chamber of commerce.

The news was telecasted live on News7Mornin. While this incident happened, the interview was live and thus the entire report was telecasted with video coverage.

Alison Parker, 24, the victim and Adam Ward, 27, the cameraman were colleagues to Vester Flanagan II. He claimed through a 22-page FAX report that he has been wrongly victimized for the mass shooting at Charleston, S.C., church.

shot on live tv

However, he also claimed that he has been blamed as a racist by Alison and Adam. From there he targeted them with the gun, which has been licensed after two months of the mass killing at the church.

He narrated in the FAX report that he made the scheme of the death of the two reporters from the very day of getting the gun license.

On the spot, there was the director of the chamber of commerce, Vicki Gardner. He was also shot, but the director of 62 survived. He has been admitted to the hospital and is expected to be well soon.

Soon after the shooting, police chased Flanagan but failed to get hold of him alive, since he shoots himself after reaching 200 miles from the spot of the massacre.

Reportedly, Adam was soon to get married after this interview. From the camera video of his, social networks have posted video coverage that express the massacre caused by envy of a colleague on the reporters.

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