Uber Welcomes Driverless Car In Pittsburgh: Rider’s Response & Reviews For Upcoming Future Car

Uber Self Driving Car

The one of the biggest news which has been confirmed by the Uber yesterday is now officially confirmed that the reason it has hired some of the finest and exceptional researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s robotics center to develop their long time secret technology which is now revealed.

The news was released by the Uber officials to some of the Press officials that the fleet of 14 Ford Dusions which are equipped with high-tech upgraded Radars, Camera, and other latest sensing equipment pulled up to the Uber’s Advanced technologies campus ATC which are in the northeast of Downtown Pittsburgh. The information of experience of the ride is shared by some of the officials and them have given the experience with remarking and memorable comments and memories.

Uber Self Driving CarThe fully autonomous cars are not the end, but this is only the beginning and the Uber wants to learn and refine the experience while marking the redefining of the ride’s experience. How the car will going to act and work in te real world is the biggest question for the company, this will include how the passengers who are sitting inside the car will react to the car and how the remarks will going to be better for the car.

The ride of the Car starts with an Uber employee handed me a phone so to give away the necessary impressions and information about the ride from the company’s app.

The whole ride was very great but the biggest thing which is lacking in the car is that it is not that much smart and when something unusual happened to like the break-down of someone’s car the car will going to become a dumb piece and is not that much updated to change the lane or do something which will be required at that time. So this might become the reason for the passenger’s boredom and a lock of patience.

The car will go to be like a very fascination ride for those who will sit and have the ride of inside the car for the  very first time. The high-tech added parts to the car make the car give the amazingly futuristic design and make the guy who is sitting inside the car feel like they are in the future and doesn’t want to get out of it.

A Lidar unit uses a laser to collect 1.4 million map points a second, resulting in a 360-degree image of the car’s surroundings. Cameras and a GPS system add additional intelligence. This upgraded launch will going to be a very big benchmark in the upcoming time and will definitely go to be a whole new adventure for everyone.

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