Udaan 10th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors Tv: Someone Gives Wine To Suraj


In the last episode of Udaan we had seen, Suraj challenges Chakor that she can’t stop him. Chakor challenges him back and says  that she can do anything for this. Chakor asks for help to Tejaswini and Vivaan. They both gets agree and Chakor smiles. She says that we will arrange a jagran today. Vivaan and Tejaswini agrees. Suraj goes to the kitchen and shouts for the servant. Chakor comes to him and says that she had sent everyone on leave.

UdaanThen Suraj gets fume and Chakor says that if someone will stop you from going out then promise you will not go. Suraj agrees and Chakor looks on. Late on the Jagran starts and Guest come to the house. Chakor and Vivaan greet them and Chakor made Suraj meet the guests when he is trying to leave. Suraj gets in anger and thinks to find a way to go out.

In the police station, Inspector is beating Bhai Ji and urges him to confess his crime. Bhai Ji is still silent and the inspector is keeping on scolding him badly. Then Suraj gets an idea and he throws water on the mic. Chakor asks them not to worry and says that we had made arrangements and Suraj will not get wine from anywhere. Suraj goes the wine shop but the shopkeeper neglects to give him the bottle.

Ragini is with Inspector’s son and wife. She threatens inspector to leave Bhai Ji else she will kill his family. Inspector gets agree and smiles at this. Chakor and Tejaswini are tensed for Suraj and both are praying that he will not get wine from anywhere. In today’s episode we are going to see that Chakor is singing for Mata Rani and Suraj gets wine from a shop another side. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Udaan like this.

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