Udaan 12th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Chakor Collides With Salman Khan


In the last episode Udaan, we had seen that Chakor is dancing and Imli gets fumes at this. She says that I can’t get defeated by Chakor. She goes on the stage and starts dancing with Chakor. Chakor ghungoo gets break and she is about to fall from the stage. Suraj picks her on time and saves her. Bihaan and Imli get shocked at this and made Chakor sit. Imli feels bad at this and Chakor says that she is fine.

UdaanChakor tells Vivaan that Imli performed very well. Vivaan nods and Imli felt shame. She hugs Chakor and says that she loves her a lot. On the other side, Bhai Ji gets to escape from the jail and come back to home. Ranjana smiles and Ragini welcomes Bhaiya Ji at home. She cuts her thumb and does tilak of Bhai Ji. She then says to him that I had to get some gift for you. He calls the inspector there and Bhaiya Ji says that he had slapped me once and now it’s my turn to take revenge. He kills the inspector and says that tomorrow will be the

He kills the inspector and says that tomorrow will be the worsest day in Chakor, Suraj, Vivaan and Imli’s life. Imli goes to see Vivaan and then gets surprise when Vivaan gets flowers for her. He then lifts her and they gets close. Suraj goes to Chakor and gets her sign on the divorce paper. He then says to Chakor that he will not forget her. Next mroning Chakor gets to know about Ragini and she feel for something wrong. She goes to get the contarct paper but a man inform Ragini.

The man then spread poisiones gas there and Suraj come to save Chakor. He save Chakor and Chakor scolds him back. They both starts arguing. In today’s episode we are going to see that Chakor, Vivaan, Imli and Suraj’s life is in danger when Bhaiya Ji come to them. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Udaan like this.

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