Udaan 14th October 2016 Online Episode Written Updates: Everyone Is Shocked To See Ragini


In the last episode of Udaan, we saw that Bhaiya Ji was laughing and Tejaswani was shocked. She said you are alive, she said I am very lucky that I can see you. Bhaiya Ji said no you are lying, you would have prayed for my death, you wanted to own this haveli, he asked her to get lost. Tejaswini said no I never wish anything wrong for you.

Tejaswini said no I never wish anything wrong for you. Tejaswini said my son Suraj missed you a lot. Bhaiya Ji asked who ? Your son, who planned to kill me, he said its good that I got saved.


She said no its a lie, no son thinks to kill his father. Bhaiya Ji said Suraj did this, Ranjana asked her to stop acting and said I know you and Suraj did this. Suraj said I can’t believe that my men left Kamal Narayan alive. Vivaan said so it was you who sent men to kill Bhaiya Ji. Suraj said yes as he sends goons to kill me if you all did not come on time that day would be my last day.

Chakor said that’s why Bhaiya Ji said that. Vivaan said now to think out how to move out from here. Chakor, Vivaan, Suraj and Imli was trapped in a rope hanger in such a manner that if any one of them will move, all four will die. Suraj said now Lord will send someone to help us out.

Now in today’s episode of Udaan, we will see that Bhaiya Ji will come to meet them all and will say that it is quite amazing that 24 hours has been passed away and all four are still alive. He will add that now we will play the second part with our partner. They all will get shocked when Ragini will come in front. Stay tuned with us for much more amazing and interesting update over Udaan and other TV Serials.

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