Kid Hits Chakor With Stones! Udaan 17th October 2016 Today’s Episode Written Updates


In the last episode of Udaan, we saw that Chakor was smiling and Imli asked her why she is laughing ? Chakor said that one girl told her that she needs to break her thumb to get out of ropes. Chakor said now I will break my thumb. Imli asked her not to do this. Chakor said I have no other way.

While on the other hand, Kamal Narayan was making preparations for Chakor and Imli’s funeral. Ragini came there and asked what happened why our man didn’t take anybody yet. Bhaiya Ji aka Kamal Narayan said all the four are still alive. He said I thought Suraj will move out for the sake of his life but now he is mad in love, he started thinking from heart.


Ranjana said don’t worry you will definitely win, Ragini moved to play the next game. Ragini bought Tejaswini and they took Tejaswini there. Bhaiya Ji comes to all four and laughed seeing them. All four were shocked to see Bhaiya Ji and Ragini there. Then Ragini said now the second level of the game will begin. They made Suraj tied with Tejaswini and Imli in such a way that Suraj will be in a dilemma to choose one out of two.

Suraj was trapped in a plan that he can save only one either Imli or Chakor. Ragini asked Vivaan to drink water else he will die. Kamal Narayan said it is sister’s love for a brother. Vivaan went angry on this and said from today I don’t want any sister to tie me rakhi.

Now in today’s episode of Udaan, we will see that Bhaiya will make a plan to make all four died painfully. He will ask all the local people to throw stones on all of them else they will get shot by his man. Kids will start throwing stones on Chakor. Stay tuned for more updates like this.

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