Colors TV ‘Udaan’ 18th October 2016 Episode Written Updates & Recap: Chakor Gets Shocked To See Suraj


In the last episode of Udaan we saw that Kamal Narayan asked Chakor to recall the days when they used to sing freedom songs, he went to jail. He asked Chakor to apologize to him. Everyone was crying. Kamal Narayan reminds Kasturi that how he burned Dadi to keep her mouth shut.

Kasturi asked Kamal Narayan to leave Chakor and Imli. He said okay I will leave them alive but then he asked kids to throw stones on them. The man asked Kamal Narayan not to do this torture then Kamal Narayan said ok if these kids will not throw stones then their parents will get shot. Chakor asked the kids to throw stones.


Kasturi begs to Kamal Narayan for the life of Chakor and Imli. Bhuvan cries and asks to leave his daughters. Kamal Narayan asked villagers to take Chakor and if she will try to lift her head then everyone will get buried.

He asked Chakor not to come near Haveli. He asked now what about the rest three? Ragini said let Kasturi take Chakor with her and ask her not to be worry about Imli. Chagan said we were not aware that Ragini will us and now what will be our future? They all started crying. Vivaan and Imli were sitting in their room. Imli said it was all very bad which happened with us. Chakor said she was hurt when she saw Kamal Narayan alive.

Now in today’s episode of Udaan, we will see that Suraj will showcase a new face and will start obeying Kamal Narayan’s words. Suraj will apologize to Kamal Narayan and will touch his words. Suraj will say that I am with you and also ready to help Ragini. Chakor will get shocked seeing this all. Stay tuned with us for much more updates like this.

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