Udaan 19th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Vivaan Argue With Bhaiya Ji


In the last episode Bhaiya ji declared Ragini as his heir. He applied tika to her. Bhaiya told everyone that they all have to obey Ragini’s command from now on. Vivaan came there and saw Imli. Imli said that she is doing this for his dream, she said that she want their family to be safe. Bhaiya ji said that king wants a minister to obey commands and manages work. He said that Suraj will be Ragini’s helper. Suraj got angry. Ragini asked how can he do this. Bhaiya ji said that don’t talk in between. Bhaiya ji said to Suraj that he have forgiven him.

UdaanBhaiya ji made Suraj sit and did his aarti. Suraj scolded Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji made Suraj wear the gold chain. Suraj asked him to give this gold chain to beggars. He thrown the gold chain and left. Vivaan thought he have to do something for his good future. Kamal Narayan told everyone that Ranjana is their Badi Malkin. He asked Girja to make Tejaswini her helper. Vivaan said that Ranjana is more worse than Kamal Narayan. He confronted Ranjana and asked that how can she support Kamal Narayan when he was killing her son. He said that he understood she is Kamal’s wife and not his mother. He got angry and left. Tejaswini asked Suraj to be with Bhaihya ji if he is good.

Suraj agreed to join Bhaiya ji to know about his plans. Chakor talked to Chagan and said that they can’t do anything. Chagan said that this time Imli and Suraj are also with her. Ragini asked Bhaiya ji to come, welcome in the factory. Imli and Suraj came there. Suraj went to Bhaiya ji and said that he is with him. He said that he is ready to become Ragini’s helper. Chakor got shocked. Chakor scolded Suraj. Ragini asked Chakor to lower her tone.

In today’s episode Vivaan Ranjana that Ranjana and Bhaiya Ji will leave from the house. Vivaan says to Bhaiya ji that his money is with him.

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