Udaan 21st September 2016 Episode: Vivan Holds Chakor’s Hand To Make Her Wear Ring

The episode of Udaan is now going through the ups and downs in Chakor, Imli, and Vivaan’s love life. One side Chakor is thinking about Imli and says to herself whether is she doing right with her. On the other side, Imli thinks that I have to unite Vivaan and Chakor as he has done a lot for me. On the third side, Vivaan is praying to God to tell him the right way and tell him that with whom did he spend his life. The episode starts with Chakor thinking about Imli when Imli comes to her with Suraj.


She says to her that you should take off the mangal sutra and start a new life now. Suraj then takes off her mangal sutra and wipes her sindoor. Chakor gets aimed that Imli is right now I have to think about Vivaan. She then asks Imli not to go anywhere. Imli says that I will come back and you should start a new life.

Later on, Vivaan is thinking when Imli comes there and looks at him. She then says that I am happy for you. Ranjana comes there and shows them the dresses. Imli says that its all great and leaves getting sad. Vivaan thinks on again when Chakor looks at him and smiles. Ranjana makes Vivaan understand and ask him to get happy as he is getting his love back. Vivaan says that maa is saying right and I should not think much now.

The engagement ceremony started and Chakor comes there. They all then wait for Vivaan and Imli say that I will get him. Vivaan comes there and Chakor gets relieved seeing him there.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Vivaan and Chakor get to engage and they smile at each other. Imli is sad and felt cried recalling her love for Vivaan and then leaves from there. Chakor smiles and looks at Vivaan. Now it will be interesting to see that did the story gets smoother or any other problem is waiting for them all. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Udaan like this.

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