Udaan 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Recap: Chakor Ask For Divorce


In the last episode of Udaan, we had seen that a couple gets a meet and on the other side two people become alone by this. The episode starts with Suraj who is missing Imli badly and says that I can’t bear this pain. He starts drinking and gets badly drunk. He thinks and talks to himself that why I am paying for this all that is my mistake. On the other side, Chakor is in her room and looks at the moon. She says that I don’t want to give sorrows to anyone but I had lost my everything today.

UdaanChakor cries badly and says that it is just impossible for me to be happy in front of all. She then prays for Vivaan and says that I will not complain about anything to anyone now. She says that I will live with my sorrows but didn’t let anyone feel it. In the room, Imli and Vivaan are sharing some romantic moments. They then promise each other and says that they will be together. They both then see the moon and smiles.

Just then Suraj comes there and recalls Ranjana’s word. Vivaan comes to him and ask about the matter. Imli gets shocked and then angry to see Suraj there. She asks her that why did you come here. Suraj says that I just only wanted to see Imli. Imli gets angry and Vivaan consoles her. Suraj leaves and Imli complaints Vivaan that he always wants to dispatch us. Vivaan makes Imli correct and tells that how Suraj tells him everything.

Later on, Chakor gets tensed for Suraj and says that I have to find him. She goes to see her and gets tensed to see him drunk fully. She then tries to make him understand but then feels weird to see some dancing girls there. She goes and says that Suraj never can get change. In today’s episode, we are going to see Chakor gets aimed at Suraj’s practices and says that I thought about you but are doing all wrong. She then asks Suraj for divorce and Suraj agrees. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Udaan like this.

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