Udaan 4th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Chakor Aims Gun At Suraj


In the last episode of Udaan we had seen, we had seen that Suraj gets in anger and was drunk. The guests gather and Suraj starts taunting Chakor. Then Chagan says that Chakor is also a good wife and she will be. Suraj smiles and says that if the thing is like this then calls Imli here I want to know that who is better and how.

UdaanChagan calls Imli and Vivaan. Suraj gets fume seeing them together and ask everyone that we will complete them both. The lady starts a question to Chakor and Imli about Suraj and Vivaan’s like and dislikes. Imli answers the three questions correctly and everyone claps for her. Suraj gets more fume and says to everyone that I know this before that Chakor can’t be a good wife. Chakor gets sadder and looks on.

Suraj starts scolding and taunting Chakor. He says that she can’t be anyone’s wife and don’t deserve anything. Imli and Vivaan get tensed and Imli asks Chagan to say that Suraj is just joking. Chagan does the same and Suraj leaves from there getting in anger. He is drinking and on the road. A car come there and the man asks Suraj to get aside. Suraj gets angry and takes the mane out. Then man then apologise to him and ask him to let them go.

In the house, Vivaan and Imli come to console Chakor. Imli tells Chakor that it is all about one day and after that you will get a leave from all this. Then Tejaswini comes there and ask them about Suraj. Chakor goes to look for Suraj. Suraj is still scolding the man and his wife comes in front. They then pray to him but Suraj aims a gun at them.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Suraj gets aimed to kill the man and his wife is still requesting to him. Chakor gets shocked to see Suraj and ask him to stop by pointing a gun at him. Suraj looks on. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips like this.

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