Udaan 6th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors Tv Recap: Tejaswini Stops Chakor


In the last episode of Udaan, we had seen that Suraj is aiming a gun at the man and his wife. He sees Imli and Vivaan there and says that I will not leave you destroy my life. The man gets tensed and says him to leave them. Then Suraj gets out from his thinking and says to them that who are they. The man says him to leave them. They try to run away but Suraj catches the man.

UdaanHe aims a gun at him and his wife says that God helps us, please. Suraj smiles and says that I am the God here and no one will come to save you. Suraj says I will see who will come to save you. Then Chakor comes there and gets shocked to see Suraj. She takes out the gun and calls his name. Suraj smiles looking her and says that you don’t have strength to kill me. Then Suraj says to Chakor that to leave. Chakor asks her to come but he made her leave.

Next morning Vivaan goes to see Chakor but then gets relieved to see her. Chakor is painting the pot and Imli also come there. Just then Ranjana comes there and taunts Chakor. On the other side, the two lawyers argue and court gives 4 days to police to collect some proof. Tejaswini comes to Chakor and gets happy to see her doing the work. She then gets a call and gets shocked.

Chakor come to Tejaswini and says that she had signed the papers now Suraj has to sign this. Tejaswini felt sad at this and says that I have to stop Chakor anyhow to save his life. She then calls someone and says that I can’t let you go Chakor. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Tejaswini requested to Chakor not to go anywhere. Chakor looks on in shock. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Udaan like this.

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