Udaan 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Chakor Stops Suraj To Drink Wine


The last episode of Udaan starts with Suraj who is badly drunk and dirty. He wakes up and starts drinking again. Chagn comes to him and says him to back to home. Suraj gets angry on him and says that no one can stop me. He then sees a man beating his son. Suraj gets in more anger and starts beating the man saying that my father scolds me like this and you should not treat you son like this. He beats the man badly and police come there to arrest him. They take Suraj with them.

UdaanIn the house, Chakor is leaving the house and greets everyone. Kasturi and Bhuvan ask Chakor to come. Rukmani smirks at this and says that it’s good that this problem is going out of this house. Just then Tejaswini comes there and tells Chakor that police had arrested Suraj and now she needs her help. Chakor neglects and says that it is not in my hand to save Suraj.

Tejaswini starts making her emotional fool and says that there is only you who can save me and my family. She says that only you can save Suraj with this all and to let him on the right way. Rukmani gets in anger by this and says that what can Chakor do in this. Imli gets to agree with Rukmani and says that Suraj says many wrong things to Chakor so why did she help him. Then Vivaan interrupts and says that Chakor had helped me when I was taking drugs and she can also help Suraj. Chakor gets agree at this and goes with Tejaswini.

They both come to the police station and Chakor ask the inspector to let him be in jail for a night. They then leave and Suraj shouts on Chakor. Vivaan asks Chakor about the whole and they then get shocked to see Suraj there. Suraj comes to Chakor and says that I will show you that what I am. Vivaan asks Suraj that Chakor is doing this all for your betterment. Suraj smiles and says that if she stops me from drinking tonight then I will leave it for the whole life.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Chakor says to Suraj that she had asked the servant to leave and there is no bottle in the house now. Suraj says to her that I will get it from the market. Chakor gets aimed and says that I will stop you by hook or by crook. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Udaan like this.

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