Udaan: Suraj Shocks Vivaan! 30 September 2016 Written Updates


Here the love story of Vivaan and Imli gets completed in Udaan, with the help of Suraj and Chakor. It is really sad for some to see Chakor getting dispatch with Vivaan. The story is taking a new turn now with the entry of Bhaiya Ji in the haveli which will bring the difficulties for Suraj. Now it is a fact to see that who will now save Suraj and defend him for his life. In the last episode, we had seen Chakor is decorating the house and even crying for Vivaan. She then says that we have to do this to complete their love and starts decorating again.

Ranjana goes to Chakor and appreciates her for her efforts. She then says that I am happy with your decision. Chakor thinks on at this. On the other side, Ragini talks to the jailor and ask him to free the man. First, the jailor neglects to do so but then agrees when he came to know that Ragini had kidnapped his wife. Imli and Vivaan come to the house and gets shocked seeing the decoration. Chakor welcomes both of them and they smile at her.

udaan-30-sep-written-updatesThen Vivaan and Imli perform the rituals and takes blessing from everyone. They then go to Suraj and thanks him for doing a lot. Suraj then leaves getting annoyed and Vivaan takes Imli to the room. Chakor comes to them and ask Vivaan to get ready as the groom. They both thanks Chakor and Chakor cries. Ragini calls Bhaiya Ji and tells that their plan is now successful. She also tells him about Imli and Vivaan’s marriage and smiles. Bhaiya gets aimed at this and says, now I can go to haveli to make Suraj understand that who I am actually.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Suraj gets on anger when Ranjana tells him about Imli and Vivaan’s closeness intentionally. Suraj then goes to Imli and Vivaan and they get shocked seeing him there. Now it will be interesting to see that  what is Suraj up to now. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Thapki Pyar Ki like this.

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