Udaan: Vivaan Goes To Imli! 27th September 2016 Watch Online Today’s Episode

In the going episodes of Udaan, we are watching the love birds are getting a dispatch from each other. Now the story is taking a turn and they are getting reunite again. This is now being interesting to see the ups and down in the serial. In the last episode of Udaan, we had seen Vivaan is doing the preparations and wait for Chakor. He then thinks about Imli and says that I can’t cheat Chakor now. He says that I can’t betray her love now.

udaan-serialOn the other side, Chakor is getting restless and wants to go to Vivaan. Suraj stops him and threatens her to shoot. Chakor says that she didn’t scare of anything like this. She then says to Suraj that I will go to Vivaan and no one can stop me. Suraj says her to think once again as she is coming between the two love one’s. Chakor thinks on and she calls him a liar. Suraj asks her to believe him. Chakor rushes to Bihaan and Suraj’s words are keep on echoing in her mind.

On the way, Imli recalls Vivaana and says that I can’t leave him alone. She says that I have to go to him as I can’t live without him. Then Kasturi tells her that you must think about Chakor. She makes her understand that Chakor and Vivaan love each other. Imli calls her correct and says that I can’t come in between. Chakor comes to Vivaan and he shows her all the decorations. Chakor keeps on recalling Suraj’s words and lies to Vivaan to know the truth.

She lies and says I don’t love you Vivaan. I am doing all this for Imli. Vivaan gets shocked first but then thanks, Chakor. He says that you had helped me to confess my love for Imli. Chakor gets shocked and Vivaan tells her that he loves Imli only. Chakor acts to be happy at this but gets hurt badly from inside.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Chakor  motivates Vivaan and says that you must go to Imli and confess your love to her. Vivaan thanks her and rushes towards the station. On the other side, Imli catches the train and Vivaan was unable to meet her. He felt cried and says that I lost Imli now. Now it will be interesting to see that what turn we all get to see in the story. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Udaan like this.

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