Unnecessary Antibiotics May Increase Risk of Childhood Arthritis

The new study shows the dangerous effects of consuming excessive antibiotics during childhood increases the risk of arthritis in children.

Rutgers University Robert Woods Johnson Medical School Biomedical and Health Sciences Child Health Institute of New Jersey conducted the research.

The lead study author and one among the research team, Dr. Daniel Horton explains this further by saying that the risk of juvenile arthritis increases with the number of antibiotics courses prescribed to children.

Childhood Arthritis

He continued further and said that the research suggests that it is better to avoid overuse of antibiotics and let the infections cure on their own.

Dr. Matthew Kronman, an assistant professor of paediatric infectious disease in Children’s Hospital of Seattle says that although the risk is subtle for juvenile arthritis.

But Even if the risk among the children being treated with antibiotics is doubled, then there will be ten minor arthritis cases out of every 100,000 children. Adding to this, he said that this research should be regarded as warning and should not be ignored.

Dr. Kronman finds this a very elegant study and applauds the researchers for growing their knowledge about antibiotics and educating them that the antibiotics do much more than just treating the bacteria.

The existing research has already proved that many of the acute conditions for which antibiotics are often prescribed resolve on their own.

Out of one-quarter of all the treatments prescribing antibiotics to children, half of them are for acute respiratory infections for which prescribing antibiotic treatment is considered unnecessary.

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