Unused Cancer Drugs Will Cost America Nearly $3bln This Year


United States is wasting nearly $3 billion on unused cancer medicines, according to a study conducted by researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

The study, published Tuesday in BMJ, involved the top 20 drugs for multiple cancer types packaged in single-dose vials. Researchers were keen to look into how drug makers, hospitals and cancer doctors make money on unused cancer medicine, ABC reported.

According to study, on average, 1% to 33% of those 20 cancer drugs remains in vials after each dose is administered. Companies making those 20 drugs are likely to receive an extra $1.84 billion from charges for unused medicine, or about 10% of their expected U.S. sale, the study showed.

Further, research showed that insurers and cancer patients will pay at least another $1 billion on unused medicine in 2016.

Dr. Peter B. Bach, who’s the study’s lead author, says that this is a big problems, and he’s hopeful that “regulators will take this as a problem worth addressing.”

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