Update: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shagun Demands Pihu’s Custody Ishita Shouts On Her 11th September 2016

Roohi brings cake for them. Toshi says she is so happy. Mihika says today is your anniversary and we all are so happy. Aadi becomes frustrated seeing them. Raman gets call and becomes shocked. Mr bhalla asks what happened. He says workers has done strike in factory. Mr singhal comes there and taunts him. He says strike is because of Aadi. He adds that be ready to fill penalty as Romy’s factory is not equipped.

Mihir thinks no one came office. He sees peon. Mihir asks you didn’t went on strike. He says no i worked for you and you and Raman helped me a lot and this is my responsibility to be with you in trouble. He says some more people are there. Aadi works and Mihir goes in his cabin. He asks that he wants to talk to him.


Alia comes and says she wants to talk to Aadi. Mihir gets call of Ishita and gets to know that Mr Singhal is stopping from taking raw materials to Romy’s factory. Aadi gets angry. Mihir says we have to keep calm and think for solution. Alia says yes Mihir is right. Aadi gets angry. Mihir goes and says he has to meet new workers and lawyers. Alia aska whats wrong with him and she wants to talk to him.

Aadi shouts and says why you always talk about Mihir always. Alia asks what happened. Aadi asks if you cannot see or what that i love you. Alia gets shocked and says she didnot know. Aadi says he went to propose her and brought gift also. Alia says we were good friends.
Aadi says you done everything purposely. He says if you will not be mine then i will not let you to be of Mihir.

Aadi says he will never forgive Alia and she is worst. Vandu asks why Roohi is so tensed. Roohi says she doesn’t know with whom she has to share this. She tells she saw Nidhi with Mr. SINGHAL and she was forcing Mr Singhal not to invest to our company. She says wr have to go to him and convince him. She asks if she should go to Nidhi. Vandu says Nidhi was in jail and then how she came out.

Vandu says Ashok will not give her bail as he is politician. She thinks who. Roohi says Shagun did this. They becomes tensed. Shagun gets call of Roohi. Shagun asks how you called me. Roohi says she saw Nidhi and she knows She has given her bail. Roohi says she wants to meet Nidhi but she is not picking up the phone. Shagun says i will pick you up and make you meet Nidhi.

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