US neglects with Russian words at communication gap for Syria

US neglects with Russian words at communication gap for Syria

The reports which had come in front yesterday when the administrative from Iran, Russia, and Turkey had attended a meeting in which the absence of US is come before as many definitions. The conclusion of the meeting is made by the Russian administration in which he had said that Russia doesn’t need any type of support from the US now for helping Syria. The reports had also told about that Russian administrative tells about the communication gap between the two countries.

The reports had made the US shocked and they neglect from such reports. Before this on Tuesday we had heard John Kerry, Russian Secretary of State notifies about the contradiction in relations with the US. On the same day Dmitry Peskov, the Russian spokesman says that the reports made by the authorities are right and this will be sufficient if both the states will maintain the gap on Syria’s way.

At this, the state department secretary John Kirby says that this all statement are of no use. She added that the United state had many conflicts with Russia but they don’t agree about the communication gap. She added that the efforts are also made by the US by concerning about the situation of Syria. She plays down all the reports saying that the communication is still happening between both the countries.

At the US President Barack Obama tells that the suitable actions will still take by the authorities in Moscow. He also added to restrict Russian businessman and companies. Later on, the Russian administrative seems to be deplored by the statements. Before this point of misunderstanding, the White house also blames the Russian President Vladimir Putin to be involved in the cyber attacks.

Besides this, the elected United State President Donald Trump seems to be convincing by the Russian policies as he seems to be spoken about the future relationships with Russia. Stay tuned with us for more updates and news feeds like this.

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