Vibhishan Got Kidnapped By Asurs! Siya Ke Ram 19th September 2016 full Episode Written Updates


Raavan was all ready to start the war and then suddenly he gives the order to attack, all the Asurs starts running towards the Vanar sena with their weapons which are all set to tear away them. Sugriv comes forward and roars his anger while warning those who are scared can run away or everyone from Asur will die with their leader Raavan.

Raavan who is laughing watching at the war and all the killings in the battle-ground. Asurs starts to falling down as the vanar sena is very starting and is tearing apart all the Asurs, then suddenly a deadly Asur comes forward and throws snakes all over the Vanar sena and Laxman kills all of them with his Arrow and when he starts throwing more snakes Laxman starts shooting Arrows continuously. As the war is getting worse the killing and deaths are increasing and both Asur and Vanars are dying in the battleground while obeying their leader’s order. Then Hanuman came up with very angry temper and starts vanishing the Asurs very effortlessly and without any major hits.

siya-ke-ram-19th-septemberRaavan on this gets quite worried and begin to think how to stop Hanuman as he is a very big problem for them. Upajh who is a devil of Raavan begins to worry as Laxman starts chanting his Mantras and ending up all the tricks of him and making all his weapons effortless and then he begins to gets worried as he has left with nothing to hit him with or to attack the Vanar sena.

Raavan and Ram were fighting with their Arrows and they are making the very dangerous situation and the effects of the Arrows were very enormous. Sita was waiting in Ashok Vatika and is very curious about what might be happening in the war, Raavan efforts to hit Ram is getting worthless and is getting no response of his attacks because no attack is hitting Ram and is going effortlessly.

Ram’s arrows were hitting Raavan but the biggest thing is that because of the armor which Raavan is wearing no arrow is hitting him and all the attacks are going worthless. Raavan is getting more and bigger with every attack and all his powers are growing with his size.

Then the day ends and the fight too with Raavan still living, Raavan was very sad because he was thinking that he can kill Everyone on Ram side and if he had gone before them he must have saved his son Meghnadh and KumbhKaran from dying. Now he is regretting that he must have gone before his son and brother. Vaidraj was curing all the injured Vanars who got seriously hurt in the war and many have died.

Sita’s letter made Ram emotional and also gives him the motivation to get the war. Raavan is getting more and more powerful as he is taking the negativity to him. and he also tells Mandodri that the secret for his death is in his Navel and he will not die until someone kills him in his navel. Vibhishan knows this thing and Raavan sends his Asurs so that they will bring Vibhishan to him.

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