Video: Grandma amazes everyone by lifting 225 pounds

News shared by ESPN through their official social media handle on March 29, 2016, is now trending all over the internet, and the reason behind this is nothing but the content it carries. The news is about Shirley Webb, a 78 year-old-grandma who can dead lift 225 pounds with ease.

Shirley Webb has been doing weight training and other dead lift exercises which helped her to do this remarkable thing. John Wright, her trainer, told that it is nothing but sheer hard work and determination which made her achieve this. He also added that she has got it to the point where everybody greets her.

As per John Wright, Shirley Webb is someone who inspires everyone who goes to the gymnasium, and it is real fun to see her lifting the iron bar. John also revealed that Shirley is her oldest client.

After her video had become viral, many media personals visited Shirley seeking her comments. In response, the old lady told that she used to workout two or three times a week in the gymnasium. She also shared her excitement as she emerged as an inspirational figure among young people.

The old grandma joined Club Fitness in Wood River, Illinois in 2014 along with her granddaughter. From then, she has been trying hard to emerge as a record-shattering weightlifter.

In the video which is out now, Shirley is featured lifting 225 pounds three times. Previously, grandma has set a record in Illinois by lifting 237 lbs.

Webb has now started the training to lift more than 260 lbs so that she can break the American record as well.

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