Video Preview: Fallout 4 Mods to run on Xbox One – Debut on May 31

From today itself, you will have the luxury of installing Mods on a console. In an announcement by Microsoft, Xbox One will have access to mod support from the 31st of May. It’ll be the first time that the users will be able to install mods on their console.

Mods- The primary reason why playing games on a PC is so interesting. They are basically community-built- add-ons which can render tangible changes to various aspects of a game.

Now, it is obviously a big deal for all the Xbox One users as they will be able download fallout 4 Mods onto their Xbox console.

But there is a catch here; Apparently, Bethesda has placed a limit of 2GB on the size and storage.

Fallout 4 – Previewing Mods on Xbox One

This implies that in a single go, you can store only 2GB of mod data. However, this might just be a temporary regulation because Bethesda has not ruled out increasing the limit in the near future.

In addition, the gamers do not need to worry about the saved data. Once the mods are on the system, the game will itself segregate the files into two parts- Files before the mod and after.

However, the interesting point here is that the achievements will be disabled whilst the user makes use of the mods. This is simply thoughtful on every possible level.

Introduction of mods on the console is bound to change a few things and it’ll be interesting to observe how the users take advantage of this step.

Bethesda is proving to be an effective leader with respect to assigning the mods and for the same reason, PlayStation users should not feel anxious about the same because in June, mod support for PS4 will be on its way.

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