Video Search Engine “Youtube” Moved Down With A 500 Internal Server Error


The biggest video search engine i.e. Youtube showcased some error a few minutes ago. Crores of users were online on Youtube. There were many users who got engaged with the error and was unable to proceed further. It was for the first time in my knowledge when Youtube was showing some error.

Youtube went down for around 3 minutes but the highly trained team of Youtube worked on the issue and the issue was resolved in fraction of minutes. The error may be due to heavy load of users on Youtube or it can be due to some technical error.


The error was named a 500 Internal Server Error. The page was completely blank with some message that ” A  team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with the situation” Also there was a line that if you see them, send them this information as text.

The search engine is the biggest and widest search engine for videos all across the world and the users from the whole world got panic. The image or screen short the problem is also provided with this post. The technical deformities has been resolved now and people are using Youtube fluently.

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