Video: ‘Stars Wars: The Force Awakens’ sneak peek unveiled

July 13, 2015: The Comic-con season is coming to an end at San Diego, there had been individual and mesmerising moments at the event that has captured a lot of hearts present there.

Eventually, the ones who missed those events cannot even find the officially released videos at major video streaming mediums.

With a lot of panels, promoting their activities at Comic-Con, Star Wars has made a move to release their videos and photos and eventually to reveal a lot about their new venture hitting the cinemas this December.

Moreover, the best part lies in the release of the Comic-Con video that has been officially uploaded on Youtube.

star wars 2015

With just a matter of six months for the release of the movie, the video shows clips that are quite sensational with new GFX effects and a beautiful quality of space representation.

Director JJ Abrams has also made it a point to renovate the space culture and come up with a more modernised interior of millennium falcom, crashing TIE fighters, some stormtroopers and a look over the new R2 D2.

Mark Hamill also puts his foot in this new dynamic aspect of Star Wars and tends to fantasize people over his new avatar. The new imagery also provides extensive CGI effects that get rid of the green and black screens that happened in the earlier versions.

Star wars are now on the foothold of a firm CGI dynamic age and fans are looking forward to the new missions and excitements that movie is going to re-capture.

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