‘Vikings’ Season 4: {Spoiler Alert Ahead} Confirmed Airing Dates, New Upcoming Characters & Episode Titles

Vikings season 5 new updates

Vikings season four is on cards .Fans of Vikings are anxious to  know about Ragnar’s return after a huge loss of the battle.Till now no announcement is made officially but while answering a fan’s query  on twitter account of History Channel,it is confirmed that show will air later this year.

The Fans are speculating the further advancements in the history series.which main characters will end up seeing Valhalla soon and who are going to die in Vikings season 4 episode 11 other than Ragnar Lothbrok. Viking is a historical drama TV series of Canadian Irish origin.It is inspired by tale about the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, well known mythological Norse heroes and notorious like the scourge of France and England.Ragnar is portrayed as the farmer who settles for raids into England with the support of his Ex-wife ,his brother Rollo and fellow warriors.Its tale about raiding, trading and exploring Norsemen of early medieval scandinavia. The History original story transports us to the brutal and mysterious world of Ragnar Lothbork.

Vikings season 5Midseason of Vikings four showed Ragnar’s reappearance.Ragnar isolated himself as he was ashamed  and then he made a return for midseason break.viewers will get to know in midseason  the reason why he decided to make the reappearance.

A lot has happened in his absence but the main concern of  the second half is why he returned.During that period , normally in Viking society if a  leader or a  king is lost in this manner ,they are either killed or immediately replaced. But being most famous Viking in Scandinavia Ragnar’s case was different.It was v shameful for him to loose and stay around and moreover he was too famous to be immediately replaced.Many suffered unfortunate deaths in the first half of Vikings season 4.

Many were killed off.It seems Ragnar Lothbrok will die in Vikings season four episode 11.Its mere prediction otherwise anything can happen.Kingdoms of Wessex and Northumbria may suffer huge losses.

Vikings season 5 new updatesRagnar and Aslaug ‘s sons have all grown up.Only one of them will stay loyal to him and rest all will want him dead. One of them is expected to claim the throne. Killing off  of Prince Aethelwulf and king Egbert of Wessex is speculated in season 4 episode 11.

The sons of Ragnar are supposed to assassinate king all of Northumbria.The main focus in the second half season 4 is in conflict with Wessex.Ragnar may leave for Paris to confront his brother.how many characters will face death and how many will be able to cheat death  is still a question in the minds of fans.Ragnar may kill role in Vikings season 4 episode 11.Fans need to wait to find out all this .The Vikings season 4 episode 11 is supposed to be aired in October or November.

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