Virus Has Started Spreading Infection Watch 24 Season 2 17th September Episode

The last episode of Twenty Four starts with Siddharth saying that we have to send the team to the hotel as soon as possible. Shivani then calls to the hotel and says that a tanker of chemicals gets damaged. She then tells Gayatri to lock down the entry and exit. Later on, Naina goes to Shindey’s house and says to Antara that this the best way to take Amar to jail. She tells Antara about the murder case on him. Antara felt restless and says that it is quite difficult for me to plan something against Amar. She then  asks her to get Amar’s phone. Then Naina goes herself in Amar’s room and takes his phone.

24-season-2Shivani  argues with Siddhant for selecting the team. Siddhant says that he had selected the best team. On the other side, Jai gets unable to find Roshan and informed about the same to Vedant. He then threatened Balraj, to tell the truth, but he didn’t open his mouth. Shinde comes there Antara gets more tensed. Naina warned Shinde and says that he must have to accept his crime now.

Aditya then comes to Deevyani and says that he had come see her and ask her for breakfast. Avinash then informed Gayetri that he is feeling something unusual about the fire brigade team. Gayetri then gets concerned and ask the security to check the CCTV footage. At Sunday’s house, Naina argues with Shindey and says that you are just a cruel man. Shindey gets a heart attack and died. Naina smirks at this and Antara gets shocked.

Then Gyan looks at Chand in the CCTV Footage and says that he is the man who is about to release the virus. He then gets in the hotel with Veer and informed about Chang. Avinash informed him about the same and says that he had gone to maintain AC. They then catch Chang and Gyan reaches to the virus. He gets shocked seeing the gas leaking.

Dr. Dixit reaches there and Veer tries to lock down the ventilation. Avinash helps them and Gayatri felt worried. Antara felt bad at Amar’s death and says that I won’t stay here. Naina tells her to stay for some time and then enjoy her life with Prithvi. In the hotel, the team struggles to stop the virus from getting spread. Shivani gets shocked knowing about the situation and then worries. Jai tries to ask the truth from Balraj but he didn’t open his mouth. Shivani tells the situation to Jai and Jai leaves tying Balraj there.

The drug dealer then informed Roshan about the situation in the hotel. Roshan asks Vasu to change their location. Avinash then tries to  stop the lifts and locks the ventilation. Balraj then frees himself and Jai follow him as he tied him intentionally to know the truth. Gyan asks Chang about further location. Chang didn’t tell them anything and ask them to shoot him.

Balraj then calls Roshan and says that he is coming to him. Roshan asks him to beware and Jai follows him then. The condition of the hotel gets worst enough. They then say that the hotel should explode now. They all gets shocked when Dr. Dixit says to shoot.

In today’s episode we are going to see, Roshan says to  Balraj to sit in a car and keep an eye on surrounding. Balraj gets happy. Veer gets badly affected by the virus and Mihir informs about the same to Kiran. Aditya tells Deevyani about Dhruv and asks her not to worry about anything. Gyan gets sad and says to Shivani that you will keep this mission continue if I will not get safe now. Balraj gets the car and Jai sees him leaving. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Twenty Four like this.

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