Vividha Shouts On Her Father! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th September 2016 Written Episode


We are now featuring the great drama happening in Atharv’s and Vividha’s love story. It’s all going with a suspense that did they get unite or not. The show is now featuring that Kailash gets win over Vividha’s love which showing that the wrong getting win over the right. The last episode starts with Vividha seeking for Atharv’s life to Kailash. Kailash threatens her and says to marry where he wants. Vividha gets agree for Atharv and leaves with him. She says that I am ready to do anything but I want you to not ruin my Atharv’s life.

Atharv wakes up and tries to stop Vividha but Kailash drags her out and Atharv and Vividha look at each other. Sujata calls for help and then gets shocked when Ankit hits Atharv with a hammer. Sujata gets stunned and tries to save Atharv. This is showing as a turning point where Atharv is seriously injured and might get dead. The story is going on a track where Kailash doesn’t want to see Atharv’s goodness.

On the other side, Kailash takes Vividha to the house and says that she will marry to the man I want. All other starts asking Vividha that what had happen to her as Vividha is not saying anything to anyone and in a great shock. Vividha says nothing but puts water on her head as a widow do. All other there gets shocked seeing Vividha like this.

In today’s episode, we are going to see, Vividha is upset and worried for Atharv. She then says to Kailash that I will kill myself if anything will happen to Kailash. Now it will be interesting to see that did Kailash try to understand their love or be in his ego like this. Stay tuned for more updates and gossips of Jana Na Dil Se Dur like this.

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