‘Vodafone Play’ Three Months Free Subscription: Vodafone Step To End Temptation Of Jio


Vodafone which has recently offered a free subscription to its Vodafone play App to all the residing customers till the 31st December 2016.

The official  statement which is being made by the Vodafone India has confirmed this news about the offer which will go to include a huge and enormous offer which will go to include 14,000 film titles, 180 TV channels and a huge catalogue of music, the company said in a statement on Monday.

vodafone-vs-jioThis offer was earlier made by the company for the 4G and 3G subscriber respectively three and one months. This offer seriously shows the growing rivalry which is due to competition which is being started by Mukesh Ambani’s reliance jio’s ‘Welcome Offer’ for offering over 10 premium apps free to its customer until the 31st December.

The growing competition which has led to a huge rivalry between all the Tele companies because of the latest and the most trending offer which has been launched by The Reliance and has become the biggest and most hyped topic right now among the whole India.

While Reliance Jio is facing many connectivities and network problems because of the interruptions caused by some unknown reasons, while Reliance is blaming other network providers for creating possible problems for making their network gets negative points and mark the user experience gets worse to remove the frame of offer by Jio.

But as the Jio network providers have started to set up their own network towers throughout the India for not leaning on or depending upon the other providers for easy access and network. So, this time, the step has been taken by Vodafone to smash the temptation by the Reliance.

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