Wagah 5th Day Box Office Collection Movie Manage To Get Good Earnings


Movies do mark a very important and crucial role while making someone gets inspiration and others to praise the efforts of the makers. The movie Wagah is one of the only movie which is loaded with great plotting and amazing love story, which is about an Army man who falls in love with a girl, who is from another cast and her relegion is strictly against ll this intercaste love or marriage.


The movie starts when Vasu who is playing the protagonist in the movie, is seen in a bloody and horrifying condition and is being held captive by Pakistani soldiers, he was held in an illegaal concentrations and camp of sorts which is headed by Razzak Ali Khan which is being portrayed by ‘Shaji Chaudhary’. He was caught when he was returning after leaving her Pakistani lady love ‘Kanoam’ to his village, he was doing all this illegaly and without any proper permission to cross the border.

They first met when Kanoam was on India’s tour to met his grand-parents and meets Vasu there and they both fell for each-other, but her visit was ended when she comes to her that there is serious violence going on in Kashmir valley and it was done by Pakistani forces who are murdering innocent peoples and Indian sodiers. Vasu who is still trapped in that hell have to make his way out from there to save her lady love and his allies of the army who are still trapped with him in that particular region where he was kept. The lead role of the movie is done by Vikram Prabu and Ranya Rao and the movie is written and directed by G.N.R Kumaravelan. D.Imman which is a known personality has givenhis efforts to make the soundtrack go over the horizon and mark its success.

The movie is getting great response from the audience and critics too, but some parts have seriously been lacking because of the tiny mistakes happened while making of the movie. The movie Wagah has overpowered the Kabali when it comes to collection and reviews according to the first day, the movie has collected around 66.72 lakhs from only 189 shows which is appreciable.

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