‘Walking Dead’ Season 7: {Spoiler Ahead} Latest Premiere Episode Updates, Unexpected Kills By Negan


Walking Dead session 7 is going to be aired next month. It is an American horror drama television series on cable television channel AMC and internationally on FOX international channel.The series attract the most 18 to 49 years viewers of any cable.

The Walking dead has earned its reputation as one of the most intense shows on television.Last season ended on a daring and dramatic cliffhanger,leaving millions of viewers waiting to see Negan’s lethal bat.The unconventional decision of showrunner highlighted one of the biggest controversies of the series.The Walking Dead season 7 will be  premiered  on Sunday, October 23, 2016, at 9 p.m. on AMC. There is a very funny post on Instagram and can’t say if there is any hidden message. Two new promos for  The Walking Dead season 7 are released featuring Negan. The show’s seventh season of 16 episodes will air in two parts.


As with the growing of the upcoming season  One of the shocking news which was announced is that Jeffery Dean Morgan would be playing the infamous Walking Dead Comic book Villain Negan, while the casting seemes perfect and all the things were upto the mark and the combo of evil motives and disarming charm on lockdown is marking the exceptional role and character which is going to be played by him in this season.

The official date of return of The Walking Dead returns with season 7 on 23rd October on The AMC. When the death is lurking from all the sides, but still the danger hasn ‘t proven too dangerous for our core characters through the three episodes.

the-walking-dead-season-7-updatesWhile the new groups are coming into the serial and are showing the unity while demolishing large group of zombies around them and is getting into the mix and the core group is showing no sign of reuniting to get their unity back which is lacking, instead they have finded new foes or possible new friends in the sourth of the American border while safety and sancutary remains the top priority.

The released trailer of the The Walking Dead Season 7 shows all the highlights which the viewers wanted to know about the upcoming season:

The Official trailer which is launched by The FOX at the Comic-Con trailer is give below:

The upcoming seasons which will be highlighted and is going to be look out for in the upcoming season will be Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva.

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