Watch Brahmarakshas 11th September 2016 Written Episode: Phuli Gets Afraid


In the last episode of Brahamrakshas, we had seen Raina getting ready as a bridal thinks about Phuli’s words. She then recalls her father and feels regret that she is getting married without informing him. She says that I just don’t want to tell Brahamrakshas to kill anyone now. She then messages Rishab and Rishab try to get escape from there. Mohini felt something wrong and ask Rishab that where he was going. Rishab lies to her and says that he will just come.

In haveli, Brahamrakshasa is seeing Apu’s pic and recalls some past moments. He then screams out louder. Rishab goes to Raina and they both then goes to Brahamrakshas temple. Raina felt sad as she is going to marry alone. Rishab asks her to have the strength and them  both get married there. Then they get shocked seeing Brahamrakshas there and Raina throws a lotus on him. Brahamrakshas strangulates and  was about to attack when Rishab throws a net on him and starts beating him. Then Brahamrakshas picks Rishab and throws him away in the air. He also attacks Raina and leaves.


Raina gets tensed for Rishab and takes him back to home. At home, everyone gets shocked seeing Rishab’s condition and Raina tell about the whole incident. Mohini gets angry and says that she will not accept Raina as her bahu. Raina cries and was thinking about Rishab in her room. She then gets a call from her father and goes to meet her. Some man attacks on her father and Raina save him when a truck is about to hit him. She takes him to the hospital where her father tells her that she is not his daughter. Then the doctor takes her father in ICU and after some time they inform Raina that her father had gone to come.

Raina felt sad and doesn’t able to understand that what is happening in her life. She says that I don’t know what God wants from me. She then gets a locket and sees a couple pic in that. She then recalls Phuli showing the same photo and thinks that who are they both. Apu then comes to Kamlapur and smiles saying that I know Brahamrashas will not get kill until he didn’t kill me.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Phuli gets shocked seeing Brahamrakshas. Raina asks Nalin about the girl. Raina gets shocked seeing Apu and recalls that she is Sanjay’s wife. Now it will be interesting to see did Apu proved to be helpful to kill Brahamrakshas or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Brahamrakshas like this.

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