Watch Brahmarakshas 25th September 2016 Update: Rishab Stabs Brahmarakshas With Trishul

In the last episode of Brahamrakshas, we had seen Rishab and Raina talking to each other when he is applying ointment on her back. He then takes her and says that I will make you meet your dad. Raina gets happy and looks at him lovingly. They both ready to go and are on the way.

Aditya and Nalin are sitting happily and  talking about their plan. Villagers come there and start scolding them saying that because of both of them many people get died in the village. Aditya and Nalin try to make them understand and give them some money in the last. Raina gets worried when Rishab takes a wrong turn and lies to her. He gets off from the car and meets Apu then. He asks her to get assure about Raina that did she drop her and her father safely.

serial-brahmarakshasApu lies to him and assures him. Raina gets shocked looking at them and says that I can’t believe that Rishab is with Apu. Then Apu takes Raina to the temple and gets her ready in her clothes. Raina gets stunned and asks her that what is she doing. Apu lies and tells her a false story. She then says that Rishab had told me to do this. Raina gets more surprised and thinks on.

Brahhamrakshas wakes and moves toward the haveli. In the house, Rishab gets stunned knowing that Raina does not reach to the hospital till now. Then Phuli comes there and tells him that Raina’s life is in danger as Brahamrakshas had taken her with him. Then they  all rushes to the place and Rishab saves Raina. He then yelled to save Apu anyhow.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Apu and Rishab try to kill Brahamraksash anyhow. Apu goes to get the petrol to kill him and Rishab stabs on his back by a Trishul. Now it will be interesting to see that did the story gets to an end like this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Brahamrakshas like this.

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