Watch Dance Plus 2 14th August 2016 Episode Online Performance: Hrithik Roshan & Pooja Hedge Continue Show

Dance Plus 2

The biggest Dancing show is back with an amazing superstar and an exceptional dancer of Indian movies, Hrithik Roshan. The show welcomes him very gratefully and heartily. Dance performance of Raghav, Dharmesh, Punit and Shakti and all the participants made the situation much more amazing and active. The India’s Dance icon is very honoured, excited and happy to see all the dancers of the show. The first challenge is of Dharmesh and the challenge is to ‘sports item’ and the first is Shazia from Puneet’s team, X1X from Shakti’s team and Your Highness from his own team.

Dance Plus 2

X1X gives and amazing performance even with the prop of the football and use it very well, a dance full of creativity and unimaginable steps is what they give. The next is Shazia and her prop is the hockey stick, which she used very well in her performance.

Shakti’s love and attraction towards Hrithik are also shown on the show through her memories of childhood and her affection for him. The performance of Yo Highness is just mind-blowing and all the use of the props are exceptional to their efforts. Their efforts paid well to them but they missed some parts and due to some very small mistakes and some unfinished parts. The scores were Shakti-24, Punit-20, and Dharmesh-15.

The next challenge is of Shakti and the theme is my hero, The groups were Dharmesh Wild Rippers, Sushant Khatri from Shakti’s team and Puneet’s Team Ming ma. The first is of Ming Ma, her dance form is very sensual and full of very precise steps, his dedication and theme are on God Nataraj. He got such an amazing praises and comments from the judges and Hrithik too. The next is Sushant Khatri,it was purely dedicated to Raghav(the slow-motion dance king) and after getting this lovely surprise he is very happy. Raghav too gave a flawless performance while proving her legacy to everyone.

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